Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 8.133 

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Editing windows (Input windows)

Editing (or Input) windows are used for entry, modification or adjustment of data of one modelled constructions.

Following editing windows are used in most cases:

and most of them share the common Context Menu of Element Editing Functions.

During data entry further windows might be helpful:

together with following tools:

In addition to the above editing/input windows there are further dialog windows used for more input.

Undo (Ctrl-Z) and Redo (Ctrl-Y) of editing actions

Undo/Redo Buttons in thermal bridges (AnTherm)Editing windows provide the Undo action via the menu entry or a keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Z.

The editing sequence up to 1000 editing actions can be easily undone to revert to the input state valid prior to the respective action.

Actions Undone recently can be redone in the same order (Redo, Ctrl-Y).

Executing an Undo or Redo action will expose the editing window the action originated from or primarily responsible for the action.

Undoes (reverts) the latest action(s) in the given context.
Remark: Undo operations are available to element and material property editing actions.
Redoes (reapplies) the action lately undone in the given context.

Remark: The undo buffer ist kept within the context of the current project and will be emptied upon creation, loading, converting etc. actions applied to the project itself.


See also: Dialog windows, Evaluation windows (Results windows), The main window, Context menu of element editing, Coordinate system

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